Oncofertility Information and Educational Resources for Professionals and Patients


Oncofertility has emerged as a new interdisciplinary approach to address the reproductive future of young men, women, and children facing a life-preserving but fertility threatening cancer diagnosis. The CKN Canadian Oncofertility Referral Network is a nationwide platform that links patients, physicians and fertility clinics to ensure time-sensitive needs are met in providing fertility options for young cancer patients as they embark on treatment. The goal is to create and foster a multidisciplinary dialogue between patients and their medical team about fertility sparing options. Linked here is an accessible educational information/resources page with topics such as:

  • legal considerations
  • fertility preservation options, including pediatric options
  • adoption as a cancer survivor, including barriers (US perspective)
  • parenthood after cancer
  • informed consent
  • educational materials for professionals, including flowcharts, slide decks, and review articles addressing background biology and options