Health Canada Consultation Survey for Bill C-17 Transparency Measures: open to May 25, 2015

Health Canada is requesting feedback from healthcare professionals, patients/family, researchers, pharmacists, data managers, and the general public regarding how therapeutic product information is disseminated as part of Bill C-17.

To participate in this survey click here, or go to the following Health Canada website and select “Consultation Document” under “How to Get Involved”. This consultation process is open until May 25, 2015 and will take only 5 minutes of your time.

Bill C-17 introduced new transparency measures for therapeutic products, including:

  • an obligation on therapeutic product authorization holders to make required information about their clinical trials publicly available on a website;
  • an obligation on the Minister of Health to make publicly available all orders issued with respect to therapeutic products and positive and negative regulatory decisions; and,
  • an authority for the Minister of Health to disclose confidential business information in certain circumstances.