Catalyst Grant– Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms (RDMM) Network

Have you identified a new genetic disease or work on a genetic disease which would merit further research in a model organism? If so, please consult for funding and collaboration opportunities.

Rare Diseases: Models & Mechanisms Network

Catalyst Grant Process

“A clinician who has discovered a new gene as the cause of a rare disease submits a Connection Application to the Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC). If approved, CAC sends the human gene to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and bioinformatics core, which will attempt to match a new disease gene to as many model organism researchers as possible, based on the genes that model organism researchers have self-declared in the Registry. The SAC will then invite model organism researchers to submit a 2-page proposal to study the gene (receipt deadline within a week or two). Invitees will have one week to respond to an invitation, and then must apply for the next grant deadline. Submissions can be submitted on either the first or third Fridays of the month. Decisions will be made in one week, at the next SAC conference call (second and fourth Fridays of the month). Up to four projects will be funded from each Connection application. Recommendations for establishing a connection between a model systems investigator will be reviewed with the clinician and accepted or not. Following a successful connection, the model organism lab will be connected to the clinician scientist and receive $25,000 to seed immediate collaborative experiments.”