Are you involved in an academic pediatric oncology interventional/treatment clinical trial for which C17 is not the sponsor? 

If you are involved in a oncology interventional/treatment study for which C17 is not the sponsor, please check to see if this trial is in the 3CTN database.  C17 is the pediatric centre for the 3CTN effort to track and increase enrollment in academic oncology clinical trials in Canada.

Not in 3CTN database?  Please contact Leah in the C17 office with details of the trial (including the number if available).  We will work with you to see if your trial is applicable for the 3CTN portfolio (eligibility criteria found here).  Even if you conclude that the study may not eligible for the 3CTN database, please send us the information — it would be helpful to know what research is being performed, or perhaps we can help you meet eligibility criteria (add a second site).

Please note that treatment/interventional oncology studies are not restricted to drug treatment, and can include care, stem cell transplant, and non-drug interventions (e.g., quality of life, pain management, late-effects).

email: leah.young2(at)