Present your Headline Worthy Cancer Research at the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance’s 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference

A message from David Huntsman & Gerry Batist, Co-Chairs, Scientific Program Committee
2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference:

The 3rd biennial Canadian Cancer Research Alliance conference (the 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference) will be held in Montreal from November 8 to 10, 2015. We have set aside a symposium on Monday November 9th to allow the presentation of late breaking news from the Canadian cancer research community. We envision this session will feature presentations based on emergent publications in major journals. We would look forward to working with you, your host institutions and the journals to allow simultaneous release of a publication with an oral presentation and a follow up press conference. By highlighting such publications, we believe we will provide the research community with an exciting forum to discuss discoveries that all of Canada should be proud of and maximize the press interest in such publications. We note that this meeting is held at a time when there are no other proximate major cancer meetings to present such work.

We are aware that the coordination of such an event will take considerable effort and therefore would like to start working with teams or researchers who anticipate the publication of major findings sooner rather than later. In particular, the PR teams from the research teams’ host institution, the journal, the conference organizing staff, and the research team themselves would need to be engaged. We are planning to reserve space for 4 such presentations at this meeting.

We hope that this unique opportunity to present your work in front of the Canadian cancer research community will be of interest and send a strong message to the public and other research stakeholders of the excellence of Canadian cancer research. If you know of an upcoming publication, either Gerry Batist ( or myself ( would be delighted to discuss this with you. We envision the session will feature presentations based on emergent (or high profile) publications in major journals that have extraordinary public interest and impact.