Tweet, Like and Share: Big Book of Care Kicks-Off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Kids Cancer Care, in partnership with William Joseph has developed YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. These pages are branded as Big Book of Care. This campaign is only as strong as their ability to mobilize our existing networks to raise awareness for the Big Book of Care campaign. Kids Cancer Care invites you to share, like, favourite and retweet, to raise awareness and help each other.

Big Book of Cancer Care.png

Kids Cancer Care has provided “A Big Book of Care Social Media Tips” to help promote a consistent voice and message.

What is Kids Cancer Care asking you to do?

  1. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter
  2. You can share their YouTube stories
  3. You can take part in an awareness or fundraising event in your community
  4. You can organize your own awareness or fundraising event in your community
  5. You can learn about a children’s cancer organization in your area and about how you can support them
  6. You can find a children’s cancer organization here and make a donation now
  7. You can wear a gold ribbon in honour of the many children waging war with cancer
  8. You can hug your children and tell them how much you love them
  9. You can tell everyone you know to visit
  10. You can brainstorm your own ideas and share it with others because at the Big Book of Care, two heads (or more) are better than one