IT STARTS WITH ME! Clinical trial information website for patients launched by N2

Are you looking for a trustworthy website about clinical trials? Are you interested in learning about participating in a clinical trial? A new website ( about clinical trials was developed by patients and caregivers who have participated in a clinical trial or have had a loved one participate in a clinical trial and by people who work in clinical trials and research. The website tells you everything you need to know about clinical trials, things to think about or ask before you decide to participate, your rights as a person who is volunteering in a clinical trial, and has a glossary of terms for you. The site was created by the Network of Networks (N2– an organization that represents organizations that do clinical research and trials in Canada.

It Starts with Me has arrived! N2 is excited to announce the launch of its website created for the public to learn about clinical research and trials –! The site was developed with leadership from our Clinical Trials Education and Awareness Committee and also supported by a CIHR SPOR Patient Engagement Collaboration Grant that facilitated a valuable partnership with patients and caregivers to inform the site.

N2 hopes you will use this site in your work and we encourage you to link to the site, and/or place the link on your organization’s website. To help you spread the word about the site, N2 developed a template communication for you (first paragraph above) to share either internally with your own colleagues, or to post on your website and share in your own external communications.

It is important to N2 how the website is received and to ensure information is accurate and up to date. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please provide us with feedback here. N2 is planning to develop and growth the website, for example with a video that is underway about clinical research, and some downloadable resources that are in production.