CALL FOR LOI: C17 Operating and Ewing Sarcoma Grant Competitions

C17 is pleased to announce Round 18 of the C17 Research Network Operating Grant Competition and Round 3 of the Ewing Sarcoma Grant Competition (2015/16).

  • The C17 operating grant competition is focused on multicenter, multidisciplinary pediatric oncology/hematology research.
  • The Ewing Sarcoma Competition is focused on research with a direct application into the causes, treatment, cure and quality of life for young people with Ewing Sarcoma.

Please see the calls for LOI attached. The application form and guidance document can be downloaded from the C17 website ( under Committees> Research Network. The submission deadline for C17 LOIs is December 18, 2015 at 4pm MST.

In addition, C17 has partnered with the Cancer Research Society (CRS) to fund up to two grants in the area of pediatric oncology research. Applications focusing on basic/translational research or pre-clinical developmental therapeutics (DVL) should be directed towards this competition, announced November 9, 2015. For more information about the CRS competition, forms and deadlines go to:

Call for LOI documents