Would you like to understand why families decline participation in clinical trials? Read this press release to learn more about the BCCRIN anonymous survey for patients/families who have declined or participated in clinical trials.


Clinical researchers would like to learn about Canadian’s experience with clinical trials.

The Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CCTCC) is pleased to partner with the BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) on the national expansion of the BC Clinical Trials Participation Survey. This survey recognizes the importance of engaging and learning from patients and the public about the clinical trial process. From the BC only data, researcher have found that patients/families that decline participation in clinical trials have a very different understanding of the clinical trial process than those that participated in a clinical trial.

Access the full press release here.

If you have participated in a clinical trial, were asked to participate and declined, or if you are the parent of a child who has been asked or has participated, your feedback is important to the future of research in Canada.

The anonymous survey can be accessed at: www.bccrin.ca/survey

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