CAR T study now open: see the attached NAIT Sick Kids March newsletter for new activations and ongoing studies of interest

Find attached (here) the NAIT March Newsletter, listing the clinical trials available through the Clinical Trials and New Agent and Innovative Therapy (NAIT) Program at SickKids.

New Studies Activated

  1. CCTL019B2202: A Phase II, single arm, multicenter trial to determine the efficacy and safety of CTL019 in pediatric patients with relapsed and refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  2. 1200.120:  Phase I open label, dose escalation trial to determine the MTD, safety, PK and efficacy of afatinib monotherapy in children with recurrent/refractory neuroectodermal tumours, rhabdomyosarcoma and/or other solid tumours with known ErbB pathway deregulation regardless of tumour histology.
  3. ADVL1412:  A Phase 1/2 Study of Nivolumab (IND#124729) in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Recurrent or Refractory

A list of all active NAIT studies can be found HERE.

The vision of the NAIT supports The Garron Cancer Centre and SickKids’ commitment to innovation and providing Canadian children and their families living with cancer with greater access to the best and newest treatment that will assist to improve clinical care and quality of life.

Information on the referral to Sick Kids and the Patient Navigator Program can be found HERE. The Patient Navigator Program provides assistance to you and collaborates with your primary team in locating appropriate resources both in your own community and in the Toronto area to assist in your travel and stay in Toronto.