Recruiting New Lay Representatives to the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Group

The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Group is looking to recruit patients, caregivers and others affected by cancer to join its Lay Representatives Committee and Investigational New Drug Committee.

The role of Lay Representatives in the Canadian Cancer Trials Group is to represent the perspective of patients and their families, and the public at large, in the development and delivery of clinical trials. The goal is to team with health care professionals/researchers to advance outstanding research in the treatment, care, and prevention of cancer to improve patient outcomes.

Applicants should have:

  • An interest in cancer research
  • Experience with cancer or caring for someone with cancer
  • An ability to understand the scientific discussions that take place during meetings and/or be willing to become familiar with relevant research and medical language
  • Good communication skills and an ability to listen to others and be comfortable and confident constructively expressing their own views from a consumer perspective
  • The ability to commit the time to participate fully in Lay Representatives Committee and IND Committee activities, including preparing for and attending the Canadian Cancer Trials Group’s Annual Spring Meeting of Participants, quarterly teleconferences, telephone and email discussions as needed
  • Electronic communication skills, including basic computer skills and access to the internet

For more information and to access application form, please go to: