Do you know why the data from the 2016 HR survey is important? (read below). So far only 45% of fellow/residents, 43% of attending physicians and 67% of clinical associates have responded. The survey closes on Sunday.

The C17 HR survey closes in just a few days.  Why is it important that we generate this data?

This data is used to help plan the physician staffing of the pediatric hematology/oncology divisions in Canada.  It gives the peds hem/onc community a snap-shot of current/ideal FTE at the sites, anticipated loss of FTE to retirement, new peds hem/onc trained physicians without a secured attending physician position, as well as the overall training spectrum in Canada.  The more complete our data set, the better those in charge can plan.

Below are examples of what we need to know. 

  • Are you hoping to be by employed in-field in Canada once you are done your training?
  • If you are a resident/fellow, do you have a position secured?  Or are you still looking for a job?
  • Are you a Clinical Associate, but would like to be an attending physician?
  • Are you part-time, but would rather be full-time or increase your FTE?
  • What are you trained in?  What is the collective expertise?
  • Are you thinking of what your retirement plan might look like?
  • Are you planning to reduced your FTE in the next few years?


Division Directors and Subspecialty Training Directors:  you need to start your personal survey before the system can send your secondary survey invitation specific to these rolls.  These surveys also close on the 30th.