3CTN Network Pulse Newsletter – April 2016 (http://eepurl.com/bWMxLH). Includes resources for Public Patient Involvement in clinical trials

Taken from the April 2016 3CTN Network Pulse Newsletter:  http://eepurl.com/bWMxLH

Public and Patient Involvement
3CTN Continues to Support PPI Site-Level Activities

A key recommendation of the SAB’s 18 month review was for the 3CTN CC and the Lay Representative Advisory Committee (LRAC) to continue to support the roll out of PPI activities and roles across Network sites. To date, we have made the following tools and documents available to sites:

  • 3CTN PPI Website, which includes:
    • PPI Toolkit for Site Staff
    • PPI Toolkit for Lay Representatives
    • PPI News – Updated Monthly and has open call to sites to share their local PPI activities and events
  • 3CTN Guide to PPI
  • Framework of Community Representation on Health Research Committees


Further to these tools, this month 3CTN is releasing the new “PPI Reference Tool” and introducing the “Ask Me” Ambassador PPI role. Each of these new tools are intended to provide sites with concrete ways to incorporate PPI activities locally, especially for sites that might be struggling with way to adapt PPI to their local needs or goals.

  • The PPI Reference Tool:This new tool has been added to the PPI Toolkit for Sites and is a “Cole’s notes” walkthrough of all the steps involved in developing and implementing a PPI role on local institutional committees. This tool also acts as across reference guide between the “PPI Framework” and the 3CTN PPI Guide so that site staff can quickly navigate relevant document sections that may help with each step of implementing a PPI role.
  • Ask Me Ambassador PPI Role: Sites that are currently in the process of their local “Ask Me” roll out may wish to add the Ask Me Ambassador role to the roll out plan. This PPI role is covered in detail as part of the new PPI Reference Tool and represents a great opportunity for sites to involve local patients that may wish to act as trial advocates or peer mentors for new patients that are considering trial participation.

The 3CTN CC and LRAC continue to increase the number of tools available to sites to implement PPI activities which will allow the Network to leverage the positive impact of PPI on recruitment and other clinical trial activities. With this month’s new tools Network sites can unlock the value of PPI locally and then share their local success stories with the 3CTN CC.