There is a THUNDERCLAP coming. If you have a Twitter account get ready to support #KidsCancerPain by joining – instructions next week.

Not sure what a Thunderclap even is?  Watch

#KidsCancerPain will be launching their first #KidsCancerPain content on July 27th, including the 1st blog and video, featured on the new #KidsCancerPain landing page on the CKN website. In order to help draw attention to this content launch, during the week leading up to the 27th (so from July 20th to 27th) we will be organizing a Twitter Thunderclap! More information and instructions on this will follow, but briefly a Twitter Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks. These can be a lot of fun, and very impactful, so we will be working hard to organize a great Thunderclap and hope we can count on each of you to be a part of it and share.