Need an easy way to direct new patients/families to the valuable resource #KidsCancerPain? Hand-outs have been sent to your division head! Banners available for outreach events.

Outreach to parents of newly diagnosed patients.  #KidsCancerPain wants to make sure they are reaching newly diagnosed families, and not just those who are already well connected with different cancer organizations and groups. They are sending fliers and information about the project to all Canadian children’s hospitals and oncology division heads and to major US pediatric cancer centres (with a letter from Christine Chambers). Please contact #KidsCancerPain  if you have more ideas or suggestions on how they can reach this important group.

Table Banners, Pull Up Banners and Posters.  #KidsCancerPain has banners, posters and flyers to be used whenever possible. Contact #KidsCancerPain for more information.