HELP NEEDED – Please circulate/post: Survey for any Canadian ever approached to participate in a clinical trial and either declined, did not qualify or participated (​)

*** Enrollment is struggling and we are still 1200 responses away from our goal of 2000 completed surveys by March 31, 2017.   Please help by distributing the survey link where patients/public can find it.  There are recruitment materials available for use on your websites, in paper or electronic mailings and social media.  French translations of the materials and survey are available. If you are interested in helping us provide patients and participants with this opportunity please contact the project manager Alison Orth, contact details below.  Your support is needed and very much appreciated! ***


Any Canadian who has ever been approached to participate in a clinical trial and either declineddid not qualify or participated is invited to respond.

Results from this survey will be used to inform researchers, research sponsors and policymakers across Canada to aid in improving study design, clinic operations and research site procedures to reduce barriers to research participation and improve the experience for study participants. These results will be shared with participating sites and various knowledge translation pieces will be made available for your use.

The link to the online survey is

All materials have been approved by the UBC Behavioural Research Ethics Board.  Please check with your site/institution regarding which approvals are required to post the survey link.  We will help you to tailor the best approach for your site and support you throughout your participation.

Alison Orth, BBA, CCRC
Project Manager, BCCRIN – BC AHSN
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