Announcing the change-over of the AYA Task Force to the AYA National Network & a big thank you to the people behind the AYA Task Force

The Canadian Task Force on Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer was formed in 2008, with funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) and the support of C17. A task force is by definition a temporary working group and on March 31, 2017 the CPAC funding for the Task Force was completed. CPAC will continue to support AYA cancer patient and survivors through the new AYA National Network.

The Task Force and its many volunteers accomplished a great deal.  See the last AYA Task Force Newsflash HERE for a summary of some of their accomplishments and a list of the  many individuals behind them. In particular, the founding Chairs of the Task Force are to be applauded as the driving forces behind the Task Force: Ronnie Barr, Paul Rogers, and Brent Schacter. “The legacy of the Task Force will live on not just in the advances made for better care for AYA with cancer, but in the awareness raised and the many collaborations established.”

To better engage the Canadian healthcare system, a pan-Canadian AYA National Network is being established in April 2017. The AYA Network will be chaired by Dr. Paul Grundy, CPAC’s Expert Lead for Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, and one of the AYA Task Force Chairs.

The goals of the Adolescent and Young Adult National Network are to:

  1. support patients’ and families’ engagement in decision-making processes by contributing to the knowledge, communication and awareness of the information that they need to make informed choices;
  2. identify gaps and key opportunities for improvement in the delivery of AYA programs in Canada;
  3. develop strategies to address these gaps;
  4. develop a set of national outcome performance indicators and benchmarks that build on previous work and accomplishments from provincial, national and internationally recognized approaches.

Remember to check on April 21 for the AYA Cancer System Performance Report!