POGO Announcement- Dr. Corin Greenberg to step down as POGO CEO


As President of the Board of Directors of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO), I have important news to share with our partners and colleagues.

Dr. Corin Greenberg has informed the Board and POGO staff of her decision to step down as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) once a successor is recruited. Corin remains unqualifiedly committed to our enduring POGO mission, to seeing the organization well settled with new leadership, and to her ongoing work with so many of you.

Under Corin’s leadership, POGO has enjoyed great success in moving its mission, vision and strategic plan for improving the childhood cancer agenda forward and for improving the lives of children with cancer, the lives of their families and of the professionals who care for them. POGO is recognized for its advisory role to Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) and as the consensus voice for pediatric oncology in Ontario. The organization fulfills a trend-setting role as an enduring multi-disciplinary, multi-centred collaboration that has delivered clinical initiatives, health care policy, education and research advances in childhood cancer control.

Corin led the original collaboration of the pediatric oncology community to determine the needs and gaps in the system and to create the first provincial plan for childhood cancer in Ontario (1987/88), and then subsequently co-led several provincial pediatric oncology plan collaborations. She promoted equity of access to care through ratio-based staffing for a multi-disciplinary pediatric oncology team and established the POGO Chair in Childhood Cancer Control. Her work set the stage for POGO’s unique planning and collaborative activity and she established the provincial headquarters of POGO, its mandate, foundational activities and a firm financial footing.

Corin’s contributions and leadership have been, and continue to be, simply stated, truly outstanding.

I will be chairing the search committee that will lead the recruitment of new CEO of POGO. We are committed to finding an outstanding leader who will build on the significant accomplishments of POGO to date. We are indeed fortunate to have Corin continue in her role as CEO until a successor is in place, for which I am very grateful.

We look forward to properly celebrating Corin’s many achievements at a future date.