Have you discussed sub-fertility risk and fertility preservation options with your patients? Most cancer survivors report that fertility was not discussed with them at the time of their diagnosis.

The 2013 ASCO guidelines advocate that fertility should be discussed with all newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Did you know?

  • Some patients and families mistakenly believe that all cancer therapies cause infertility.
  • Sperm Banking is a proven intervention to preserve fertility in post pubertal males.


  • Please go to the SickKids Fertility Preservation Website to down load our Sperm Banking informational Pamphlet. You are welcome to print of copies for your patients.  www.sickkids.ca/fertility-preservation
  • Fertile Future is a charity which helps support cancer patients afford the cost of Fertility Preservation. They can also help you connect to a fertility clinic in your region.  fertilefuture.ca
  • Need advice on supporting fertility preservation at your centre?  Contact Anne Marie Maloney NP  at anne_marie.maloney@sickkids.ca