Do you know a Mom who would be game to help Childhood Cancer Canada support pediatric hematology/oncology research in Canada? …and have her head shaved? Please see attachment.

Printable info sheet:  CCC’s Mom Squad 2018

Because no one ever wants to hear the words, “your child has cancer.”


  • Raise funds for life-saving childhood cancer research and clinical trials.
  • Recruit 10 CCC Mom Ambassadors, each to reach their fundraising goal of $5,000 with their team (and the help of CCC) and get a trip to Toronto (transportation and accommodations included for them and one adult guest).
  • Build on the success of last year’s event, and unite moms of children with cancer and their families.
  • Increase awareness of key childhood cancer issues.
  • Advocate increased funding for childhood cancer specific issues.

About the CCC Moms

In May 2018, the 2nd annual CCC Mom Squad Shave will take place in Toronto. Moms from all across the country will come together for two days to shave their heads in support of their childhood cancer heroes. Last year’ event saw 1,875,824 media impressions and we are so excited for your involvement to help communicate our message to even more people.

CCC Moms represent all the mothers who have heard these words, and have made, or are making, the cancer journey with their child.

They come from all across Canada but they all have one thing in common – childhood cancer. 

They are dedicated to making a difference by shaving their heads and raising funds for life-saving research and clinical trials. They provide a sisterhood of support for all mothers of children who have, or have had, cancer.

Join the new class of moms and increase awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.


When and where is the Shave? This year it will be held in Toronto from May 7th- 9th.

Why Shave? Meet other families going through the same journey and bond with others who have shaved their heads before you.  Some Self Care time is always important, and something that most moms hardly do.

Who can apply to the 2018 Squad? Any mom (or grandma!) whose loved one has, or has had childhood cancer is welcome to join our team, including individuals whose child has passed away. Squad members commit to shaving their heads in support, and have a fundraising goal of $5, 000.

How do you apply?  To request an application please email before January 31, 2018. The sooner you apply the more time you have to fundraise and to join in the CCC Mom experience.

Why fundraise? Fundraising is very important and the main focus of the Mom Squad Shave. The money raised will fund research through the C17, a national research organization made up of the leading pediatric oncologists across Canada. To date CCC has raised $ 4,500, 000 for the C17, supporting a 25% decrease in childhood cancer mortality in the last ten years. By fundraising you can help bring us one step closer to where it needs to be: 100%.

How do I fundraise?

  • To reach your goal, create a team!
  • Recruit friends, family and co-workers for support!
  • Ask them reach out to their own networks to support you too.
  • Write and share your story, pass it along to your teammates and have them make “The Ask” for you.
  • Remember, what you’re doing is inspiring; people need to know about it.
    • Share your story on your Facebook page.
    • Share your fundraising page on social media
    • Reach out to local businesses and newspapers
    • Ask employers to sponsor or match your gifts
    • Host a local/community event
    • Refer to our Mom Squad toolkit for tips and tricks!


What is the cost to participate? Transportation and accommodation will be covered for all moms (and one guest) who reach their fundraising goal of $5,000. We are working to secure further sponsorship to cover meals as well as fun and exciting excursions during your visit.

Can I participate but not shave my head? Absolutely! You can sign up as a volunteer fundraiser. Hold fundraisers that do not involve head shaving and put that money toward the CCC Mom Squad Shave team. Additionally, if want to get involved either pre-event or on shave-day, please contact

I am not the mom, or grandmother, of a child with cancer. How can I participate? You have lots of options!  Share, donate and fundraise!

What else will happen in Toronto? Plans for our shave in Toronto are in the works. You can plan on having a welcome dinner, and fun during your stay. We will post an event schedule as soon as everything is confirmed.

What if I can’t make it to Toronto? You can still be there virtually!  Send in a video of your head shave and we will play it at the event alongside the other moms. Hold fundraising events/shaves in your hometown and direct those funds to the CCC’s Mom Squad Shave campaign. Anyone who cannot make it and would still like to shave can join our shave virtually through our live stream.

Still have questions? Please email or call 1-800-363-1062