C17 Research Network Call for Nominations: Clinical Research – Stem Cell Transplantation. Due 31-Jan-2018. Click for application/nomination instructions

The C17 Research Network Committee is seeking applications for the position of Clinical Research – Stem Cell Transplantation (1 position).

Applicants should have experience in basic and clinical research who have established reputations in their respective fields, and who share a national vision for research. They will have an affiliation with one of the 17 centres or associated universities. Consideration will also be given to selecting members who represent large and small centres, and institutions across Canada.

We ask all who receive this call for nominations to help us to distribute it as widely as possible. Please forward the call for nominations to institutions, organizations and individuals who might be interested in posting and/or responding to it. 

Application instructions can be found in the following document:  Call for nominations Sept 2017