NEW⇒C17 100% Fund Grant Competition Targeting RHABDOMYOSARCOMA. Registration due 13-Sept-19. Grants due 25-Oct-19. Spread the word!!

C17 is pleased to announce a SUPPLEMENTAL COMPETITION for the The 100% Fund Grant Competition targeting rhabdomyosarcoma. This competition does not replace the regular fall competition.  It is an additional funding opportunity.

The purpose of The 100% Fund Grant Competition is to target directly pediatric cancers that are rare and hard to treat—cancers that have not responded to available therapies. Applications addressing rhabdomyosarcoma will be considered for the 2019 100% Fund Grant Competition (Round 3).

Rhabdomyosarcoma funding partners include Fight Like MasonTeam Naomi, Team Finn, and  Coast-to-Coast Against Cancer

Projects can range from discovery to clinical trials, but must be focused towards a treatment intervention. The goal is to fund research with the potential to deliver improved treatment and increased survival rates. 

This supplemental competition will use a very short LETTER OF REGISTRATION, and not a longer letter of intent.

  • The letter of registration (LOR) is due by 13-Sep-2019 (4pm MT).
  • All applicants who submit a registration by the due date will automatically advance to the grant application stage.
  • Grants are due by 25-Oct-2019 (4 pm MT).
  • Results will be returned with sufficient time for unsuccessful applicants to submit to the 2019/2020 C17 grant competition, going directly to the grant stage.
  • The registration form can be downloaded from the link below or from

Files for download

  1. The 100% Fund Rhabdomyosarcoma Round 3 Call for Letters of Registration
  2. C17 100% Fund (Round 3)—Rhabdomyosarcoma LOR form 
    (LOR due 13-Sept-2019 4pm MT)
  3. C17 100% Fund (Round 3)—Rhabdomyosarcoma grant application form (grants due 25 Oct-2019 4pm MT)
  4. C17 Application Instructions and Award Guide (ver 13-Nov-2018)

Application forms and the guidance document also can be downloaded from the C17 website ( under Committees> Research Network.