Framework for the care and support for adolescents and young adults with cancer | Cadre sur les soins et le soutien aux adolescents et aux jeunes adultes atteints de cancer (released 16-Oct-2019)

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, I want to take this opportunity to thank the AYA National Network (AYA NN) for contributing their time, effort and expertise towards the development and release of the Canadian Framework for the Care and Support of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer. Our collective vision is that all AYAs with cancer in Canada receive optimal, developmentally appropriate care and comprehensive survivorship support that lead to improved outcomes and high-quality life.

The Framework was developed in collaboration with the AYA NN, as well as input from international and national leaders and experts in cancer and in consultation with AYAs and their families. The Framework is available for download in English and French at the links above.

Over the coming years, we hope that the Framework will inspire future policy direction, investment and action to ensure Canada can meet new challenges in an evolving healthcare landscape, so that every young Canadian with cancer has access to the best practice and support they need to optimize their health, well-being and survival, and that it will facilitate meaningful participation across all aspects of life.

Implementation of the Framework requires leadership across Canada. Please help us share the Framework with as many people as possible, to mobilize our partners to action. Consider how you can champion the actions within the Framework at the individual, service and system level.

We have developed a variety of tools that we will continue to refine and post with the Framework online (available at links above):

  • The Framework at a glance as a one page PDF
  • A PDF document that summaries of the four strategic priorities and the four enabling platforms
  • A brief and editable PPT slide presentation which contains key components of the Framework that can be edited/ customized for use

The actions within the Framework are intentionally broad so that your individual jurisdictions or organizations have flexibility to adapt your approach according to local context and systems capacity. The Framework is intended to complement and enhance national and local efforts, including related regional cancer plans and policies that improve outcomes for AYAs both in terms of the disease itself and the broader psychosocial and mental health and social challenges faced during care and survivorship.

Again, thank you for your leadership.

With gratitude,

Paul Grundy

Chair, Adolescents and Young Adults National Network (AYA NN)