C17 Council Call for Nominations – Nominations accepted until 26 January 2020

The C17 Council has the following positions open for consideration:

Co-Chair, C17 Human Resources Committee (MD)

The C17 Council is searching for a Co-Chair for the C17 Human Resources committee. The C17 Human Resources committee is responsible for several initiatives including the support and encouragement of health professional “communities of practice”, workforce initiatives and surveys, and other topics that may be identified by the pediatric hematology/oncology profession.

The Co-Chair will work closely with the Affiliated Health Professional Co-Chair and be co-responsible for budgets, work and decisions of the committee, attendance on Council teleconferences and meetings. The Co-Chair, C17 Human Resources committee will serve a term of 3 years, renewable once. (After two terms, a new election will be called, but this does not exclude any incumbent from standing for additional terms).

Term commences June 2020.

Requirements: MD interested in working with the C17 Council
Expertise and experience in this area an asset but not required.

Nominations may be submitted by an individual interested in the position or a member of C17 to Dr. Conrad Fernandez, Chair of the C17 Nomination Committee and Kathy Brodeur-Robb, Executive Director, C17 Council, by email at Conrad.fernandez@iwk.nshealth.ca and kathy.brodeur-robb@ahs.ca.

The nominee must indicate that they accept the nomination, provide a brief description of their qualifications, vision and goals for the position, and provide a copy of their CV. Nominations will be accepted until the deadline listed above. The position will be voted on by the C17 Council.