New Agent and Innovative Therapies Program (NAIT) February newsletter available now

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  • Slots are now available on the NANT study of lorlatinib (ALK inhibitor) for patients with neuroblastoma with ALK aberrations
  • Slots are available on the solid tumour cohort (and All, NHL) for venetoclax (with cyclo/topotecan)
  • A new study of targeted radiotherapy for patients with relapsed solid tumour, lymphoma or malignant brain tumours is now open (DCL-17-001). This study uses phospholipid ethers to target radiation to tumour cells. Limited slot availability – please contact us for waitlist information. Patients at higher dose levels will require available PBSCs.
  • Avelumab study has completed Phase I and awaiting details about dose expansion cohorts for Phase II.
  • ADVL1412 is currently closed to enrolment pending review of toxicities
  • Afatinib study is currently closed to enrolment

Studies for which funding is likely to be available from the trial itself are indicated in the table in the newsletter. For more information, please email:

Please note that study status can change frequently and information above may become out of date. Please contact us to discuss currently availability for potential patients.

Helping families navigate:

To assist patients and families with their transition, our Patient Navigator Program will collaborate with your team and the family to provide assistance with issues related to travel, accommodation, and navigating their way around the hospital and in the city. Furthermore, for patients living outside of Ontario, our Patient Navigator will assist physicians in completing an Out-of-Province Prior Approval Application to the Provincial Ministry of Health. Please contact us for more information.

BOOKMARK NAIT:  The current list of all open trials can be found on the NAIT Website at

The vision of the New Agents and Innovative Therapy Program (NAIT) supports The Garron Cancer Centre and Sick Kids’ commitment to innovation and providing Canadian children and their families living with cancer with greater access to the best and newest treatment that will assist to improve clinical care.