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Invitation to attend the C17 AGM in Montreal June 1-2

If you have not received an invitation to the 2016 C17 AGM, please contact your Division Director. All are welcome!

Wednesday June 1

  • C17 Committee meetings (run in parelle until 10:15 AM)
  • Presentation by Ac2orn (Advocacy for Canadian Childhood Research Network)–open invitation to attend
  • C17 year in review
  • Childhood Cancer Canada presentation
  • TRICEPS (Ste. Justine)
  • CAR-T research
  • Reception and dinner

Thursday June 2

  • 3CTN-C17 as an NRCC
  • SMO Regulatory Office
  • DVL Preclinical/Phase I & II Network report
  • Royal College report
  • Human Resources report
  • Ewings Cancer Foundation Canada presentation
  • 2016 Fellow Conference
  • Guidelines Committee report
  • Drug Shortages Master Plan
  • Education Committee report
  • Program Administrators report
  • Research Network report
  • AYA Task Force report

Please note that all are welcome to attend, but that C17 is unable to reimburse travel costs (unless noted otherwise in the AGM email).

INVITATION: C17 AGM Reception and Round Table Discussions

All C17 Directors, Co-Chairs, Committee Members, Funders, Parent/Patient representatives and local health professionals are encouraged to attend. Discussions will focus on research, funding and advocacy priorities for C17

One of our key goals is to identify and discuss the priorities and opportunities that C17 is addressing. Some of these include:

  • Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer – the work of our C17 Task Force, the partnership with NCIC CTG to develop an AYA Platform, the 3CTN RFA for AYA clinical trials, and the potential to increase clinical trials enrollment under 3CTN.
  • 3CTN – how do we meet our goals to increase clinical trial enrollment and trigger funding from 3CTN?
  • Research funding – we are exploring new partnered funding for research, including Cancer Research Society, Terry Fox Research Institute, and 3CTN.
  • Funding and Partnerships – our primary funder is Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, and we have relationships with several other foundations and parent groups. How can we bring them all to the table and meet everyone’s goals?
  • Advocacy – what factors are influencing research and education in Canada today and how can we address them.

We would like to encourage all committees, directors and C17 members to participate in an interactive dialogue during this Wednesday evening session. Our goal is to create some dialogue between funders, parents and health professionals about our priorities.

Please register (no cost) at

Wednesday, June 3

6:00 – 8:30 PM  (A light dinner will be served)

2nd Floor Gallery, PGCRL, the Hospital for Sick Children