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C17 Research Network Update: free download of COMPASSION IN PEDIATRIC HEALTHCARE: A SCOPING REVIEW by C17 grant recipient Shane Sinclair

The final version of the C17/CCC-funded research article by Dr. Shane Sinclair entitled Compassion in pediatric healthcare: a scoping review is now available online, containing full bibliographic details. To help the author access and share this work, Elsevier has created a Share Link – a personalized URL providing 50 days’ free access to their article. Anyone clicking on this link before February 21, 2020 will be taken directly to the final version of the article on ScienceDirect, which they are welcome to read or download. No sign up, registration or fees are required.

Shane’s personalized Share Link:
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This study was conducted with support from C17 and funded by the Ewing’s Cancer Foundation of Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, Dr. Sinclair’s Cancer Care Research Professorship and a Bridge Funding Grant from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary.