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NEW C17 GRANT COMPETITION —The 100% Fund. Watch for a call for applications in the areas of infant ALL, rhabdomyosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma (click to read more!)

We are thrilled to announce a new C17 grant competition that will be run in addition to our regular C17 Operating Grant completion.  Watch for a call for Letters of Intent* this month!

Nearly one in five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive. For children with rare and hard to treat cancers, the odds can be far worse.

The 100% Fund has been created to challenge these odds. In recognition of its 30th anniversary, Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) is proud to partner with organizations with a shared passion to help fund research for children who do not, yet, have their cure.   The list is growing, but confirmed organizations as of September 12th are:

By building on new and exciting research initiatives in Canada and around the world, The 100% Fund ( will pave the way for collaborative research into cutting-edge therapies for tumours that have not responded to currently available treatments.

CCC will partner with C17 Council and its C17 Research Network to administer the grants. As a national research organization representing leading pediatric oncology programs across Canada, the experts at the C17 know the priorities of children and their families that have been impacted by childhood cancer.

* Applications will include a full letter of intent with a 3 page research proposal.  Successful LOI will advance to the full grant application stage.  Applicants not funded in the funding round currently in progress will be able to submit to this upcoming competition.

Scholarships for Survivors and other items interest in the April Childhood Cancer Canada April Newsletter (including a photo of Sylvain Baruchel and an invite to volunteer at select “The Who” concerts)

The April Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation Newsletter newsletter can be read online at:


Childhood Cancer Canada’s Scholarship Program is open to young adult cancer survivors who are residents, and currently residing in Canada. The Program supports post-secondary academic endeavors and recognizes the personal triumphs of exemplary students who have survived a childhood cancer journey (diagnosed age 18 years or younger).

CCCF offers TWO types of scholarships for childhood cancer survivors:

$1,500 Childhood Cancer Canada Survivor Scholarship:
A one-time award for students in any full-time university, college, or vocational training program. Students may be in any year of their studies provided that they are enrolled in school for the fall term that the scholarships are awarded in.

Note: If you will be attending a part-time program this year please contact Patricia Zareba by email.

$5,000 TEVA Canada Scholarship:
A one-time award that will be granted to a maximum of 10 students entering (or already enrolled in) pharmacy, medicine, or health sciences post-graduate programs of study. Students may be in any year of their studies provided that they are enrolled in school for the fall term that the scholarships are awarded in.

*CEGEP students are not eligible for this award.

Did you know 3% of cancer funding helps kids?  Help CCCF change those numbers!