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CCS/CIHR Cancer Survivorship Team Grants

The goal of the CCS/CIHR Cancer Survivorship Team Grant program is to improve the health outcomes for cancer survivors of all ages (pediatric, adolescent, young adult and adult) from the time of their cancer diagnosis until the time of their death or entry into palliative care. This program is not intended to focus on improving end-of-life care.

The intent of this funding opportunity is to support new intervention research designed to mitigate the challenges experienced along the survivorship journey, as well as the evaluation and validation of existing interventions to assess their potential for implementation as best practices.

The program goal will be achieved through the support of a network of multidisciplinary teams, each led by a nominated Principal Investigator and at least 2 co-Principal and/or co- Investigators, one of whom must be within their first five years as an independent researcher, drawn from at least 3 different regions of Canada (Atlantic Provinces, Central Canada, Prairie Provinces, West Coast, Northern Territories). Survivors and caregivers are expected to be engaged as full and active members of research teams.

Teams may request up to $500,000 per year for a maximum of $2,500,000 over a five-year period. Grants will be non-renewable. As the total budget for this competition is $10 million, it is anticipated that at least 4 teams will be funded in this competition. The engagement of additional partners may increase this number.

Registration due date: May 29, 2019
Relevance review results: mid-June, 2019
Full application deadline: September 10, 2019
Results announcement : November 2019
Anticipated start date: December 1, 2019

All applications must be submitted through the online application system (EGrAMS) by 5p.m. EST on the deadline date. Submissions will not be accepted beyond these times.

A Webinar is planned to explain the application process and overall objectives of the call. Applicants can register by sending an email at Details for the April 8th, 2019 (@1pm EST) webinar will be provided in advance to interested applicants.

CCSRI – change of deadline dates for upcoming competitions

CCSRI announced their upcoming competition deadlines, and included the note that some dates have changed. Details will be made available shortly for the following:
  • Knowledge to Action grants (abstract registration deadline April 1; funding start November 1, 2017)
  • Impact grants (letter of intent deadline April 3; funding start February 1, 2018)
  • Innovation grants with a focus only on prevention  (abstract registration deadline May 1; funding start November 1, 2017)
  • Quality of Life grants (letter of intent deadline May 15; funding start February 1, 2018)

Visit the CCSRI website for information:


CCSRI’s 2015 Research Impact Report includes infographics on infographics on childhood cancer and our progress in HPV-related cancer research

CCSRI’s 2015 Research Impact Report can be found here.

This report highlights the impact of research funded by Society donors and partners, supported through CCSRI’s nationwide research program over the last year. In this report, you will find:

  • a breakdown of CCSRI’s investment portfolio
  • a summary of research outcomes and impacts from the last year
  • 80 short, interesting stories about the impact of the research we fund across the country
  • infographics on childhood cancer and our progress in HPV-related cancer research
  • focused summaries of our research in 5 hard-to-treat cancers
  • information about CCSRI’s expert review and evaluation processes

CCSRI funding opportunities – including Impact Grants in the area of pediatric leukemia/lymphoma

The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to announce that online application forms are now available for the upcoming Impact Grants and Career Development Awards in Prevention (for post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and junior faculty) competitions. Please visit the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute website for program and application information


Impact Grants 

These grants have been created to support large, well-developed programs in cancer research that have the potential to make a significant impact on the burden of disease in patients and populations. Budgets awarded may be up to $250,000 per year for up to 5 years, to a maximum of $1,250,000 per grant.

LOI deadline: March 29 (as March 25 & 28 are holidays)
Full application deadline: September 1 (Note that only successful LOI applicants will be invited to submit full proposals)

Impact Grants: Leukemia and Lymphoma

The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Cole Foundation to fund Impact Grants in the area of leukemia and lymphoma research. This fund of up to $3 million will support collaborative research teams that:

  • are proposing research in leukemia or lymphoma to impact children and/or young adults;
  • include investigators at 2 or more institutions;
  • include at least one principal investigator based in Montreal; and
  • include at least 1 clinician.


Career Development Awards in Prevention

These awards have been created to support the career development of junior investigators (post-doctoral and clinical fellows, and junior faculty) in the area of cancer prevention/risk reduction research and community-based clinical research in cancer prevention by providing protected research time. Budgets awarded will not exceed $75,000 per year, over a maximum term of three years.

Full application deadline: April 1