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Call for C17 Guidelines Committee Co-chair

The C17 Guidelines Committee is a national multidisciplinary committee of pediatric hematology/oncology health care professionals which was originally  established to develop, disseminate and evaluate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Over time the focus has become more directed on the endorsement of existing published guidelines for oncology patients and more recently the Committee has expanded the focus to include clinical indicators for non-malignant hematology.

We would like to recruit a co-chair that is able to dedicate time to re-establishing a work flow and budget for the committee to enable a viable process for ongoing guideline endorsement for oncology and non-malignant hematology patients in Canada.  Ideally the candidate would be a Physician.

Send applications to Kathy in the C17 office:  Katherine.Brodeur-Rob at




C17 Anti-fungal guideline receives high ranking in a recently published review []

In a pool of reviewed anti-fungal guidelines, the C17 guideline was one of only three that received an AGREE II development score of GOOD.  See the full text and guideline comparison at

Specific discussion of C17 guideline is on page 224, under the flow chart.