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Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network 2015 Annual Report available at


The Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network (MICYRN) is pleased to provide you with a link to MICYRN’s 2015 annual report, which features progress made in a number of areas last year. The report can be located on the MICYRN website at under the reports tab, or directly here:


Highlights are advances made in the areas of rare diseases, ethics, stakeholder engagement, research team support, and pediatric clinical trials. MICYRN is strengthening  connections between Canadian and international experts through its active engagement on both the national and international stages. Its strong, effective membership is helping to catalyze research and champion causes central to maternal, infant, child and youth health and health care.  For the past ten years, the network collaborative has worked hard to build capacity for high-quality applied health research in Canada, and its members’ contributions to national discussions on the state of maternal and child health care are helping to shape policy and funding decisions.


MICYRN Newsletter

The Autumn 2015 MICYRN (Maternal Infant Child, Youth Research Network) Newsletter can be found here