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New neuroblastoma resource available on Sosido–INBRACED curated neuroblastoma news

Did you know that the journal/news sources in the default C17 Sosido Digest can be customized?

Now available for selection is the curated INBRACED neuroblastoma website.

Curated by the charity partners that form INBRACED and a number of generous collaborators, posts are assessed and vetted for accuracy before reaching the site. This website aims to act as a central source of neuroblastoma news from all over the world and cater to individuals looking for information on all of the different aspects of treatment, research and recovery.

International Neuroblastoma Research and Collaboration for Effective Delivery (INBRACED) is a new collaboration between charities, researchers and clinicians with the shared aim of accelerating the development of new, more effective therapies for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.Central to the group’s activities is the introduction of standardised, international clinical trials.

How to customize your C17 Sosido Digest

  1. Log into your Sosido account.  Clicking on “customize” next to the date at the top of your Sosido digest will take you to the log in screen.
  2. Click on “customize sources” in the blue box at the top of the screen.
  3. Select or deselect different sources.  Don’t pick too many as your digest does have a length cut-off.
  4. Click “update sources” — blue button to the left
See the “How to customize your email digest video on the Sosido blog for additional help